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Skew Fast, Skew Furious

If there’s anything I like almost as much as knitting, it is bad puns and guffawing at my own wit. And there is no better opportunity to combine these interests than in naming a new project on Ravelry. As I mentioned, I’m making another pair of Skew socks. The first pair I called simply “Skew”, missing an opportunity for pun magic.

Skew socks

Maybe I'm (ahem) biased, but these Skew socks could be named better.

But the second, knit in some out-there Christmas yarn that incorporated gold foil, became Skew 2: Christmas Boogaloo.

Christmas Skew socks

Why does one look slightly longer than the other in both these pictures? I swear they're even on my feet.

It wasn’t that long ago that I knit the second pair, or even the first pair, but I couldn’t resist starting again (for one thing, the ankles are just a touch loose on both and I’m determined to get it right this time by altering the gusset decrease).

Of course, I had to name this project something different and, sticking with the movie sequel theme, I went with “Skew Fast, Skew Furious”. Technically I guess I should have chosen a movie that was the third in its series, but

  1. Skew rhymes with two, so that makes for more punning potential.
  2. If I want to knit this pattern more than 3 or 4 times, a strict movie number-to-sock number rule would limit me mostly to Police Academy or Friday the 13th titles.

As it is, I’ve already figured on making

  • Ghostbusters Skew (so obvious; will be lime green and white)
  • The Skew Towers
  • The Empire Skews Back OR The Empire Strikes Diagonally (still deciding)
  • Skews (too subtle?)
  • 28 Skews Later
  • The Bourne Obliquity
  • [Insert generic horror movie here]: The Skewering
  • Slant of the Apes (work with me people.  Alternately “Cant of the Apes”)
  • Skew 2: Hyperskew (that’s for all you Canuck sci-fi fans.  Of course, the socks keep moving around in time and trying to stab you in the back, so that’s tricky)
  • I Still Know what you did last Skew-mer
  • Leprechaun: Back Skew tha Hood
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tilts

You get the idea.  Basically, I have a lot of socks left to knit.


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