Some Stones Unturned

Knitting, Biking and Some Sober Second Thoughts

Busy Week Ahead

In addition to quite a bit to do at work (I was in this weekend and have new data to analyse but, mostly, a lot of annoying paperwork), I’m expecting things to be busy for the next few days.

I finished the knitting on Rock Island, but am still waiting on my blocking wires to show up from KnitPicks. I got word on Friday that the packages had hit Canada and they are currently sitting in Mississauga. Sooooo close. Come on Canada Post. I believe in you. I am assuming they will arrive tomorrow, but certainly early in the week sometime. So I will post the shawl pictures when I can do the pre- and post-blocking comparison. The border does seem to be bigger than the central part, so I’m hoping blocking will be the miracle that I always hear it is. I came out a bit short on the yardage though, so I suppose there is only so much that can be done (although the good news is that probably means I have enough to do another shawl).

As you may recall, that package also contains the yarn for a sweater I’m planning to start. I have been holding off on laundry so I can whip up a swatch with the yarn and toss it in with the regular load, but if the mail doesn’t arrive tomorrow, I might have to do two separate loads of laundry at different points in the week. If it does show, I will be making that swatch top priority (and clean shirts second top priority).

And all this needs to get organized before next week, when I head down to visit my parents who are snowbirding in Florida (it’s a rough life, I know). If I have the shawl done, it will be the perfect opportunity to wear it out and about! Pretty excited. And if I have the sweater started and get clear on the airline rules, I will bring that along for knitting busywork.

Oh, and I stayed up late finishing the last Wool installment, so I have sleep to catch up on. But that is last priority.


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