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FO Friday: Rock Island Shawl

Rock Island Shawl

Completed Rock Island shawl

Pattern: Rock Island shawl by Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood

Yarn: Indigo Moon, Finest Silk, 481 yards (a bit smaller than it was supposed to be)

Size: 22″ x 42″ before blocking; 28″ x 60″ after blocking

I took a zillion pictures because I’m pleased as punch with the way it came out: 

Before blocking

Before blocking (ugh)

During blocking

During blocking (my first wet block. The pattern had great, detailed instructions).

Blocking wires arrived from Knit Picks Wednesday. The package was slightly mangled, which maybe explains the delay, but the wires were perfectly intact.

Rock Island blocking sideways

Sideways shot of blocking (good thing it came out a little smaller than it was supposed to or it wouldn't have fit on the boards. Or in my living room)

Center decrease not symmetric

The decrease on the center stitches isn't symmetric, which I remember some people saying now that I think about it, but forgot by the time I got to the garter section. Wish I'd done it differently but it's a minor nitpick.

Rock Island shawl

Attempting to model it

Rock Island shawl

Trying to get a better shot in the outdoor light, but not enough space on the balcony. The shawl was surprisingly cozy, although it's not that cold here today so that helps.

Rock Island shawl

Trying to get it like the professional on the pattern. Close on the wrapping technique??

So there it is. My first lace project. Not sure I will go back to lace knitting right away (maybe once I get some sharper needles), but I’m really happy with the end result. I’m off to visit my parents in Florida next week and will bring the shawl along in my minimal luggage in case there is a chance to wear it out or to dinner or even if it just gets a bit breezy. Any excuse to show it off.

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7 thoughts on “FO Friday: Rock Island Shawl

  1. It looks great! I can totally see why you would want to show it off!

  2. That’s gorgeous – what a stunning scarf!

  3. This is simply beautiful! I’ve never had much patience for a project like this, so I’ll just admire yours : )

  4. So pretty. I have looked at that one many times. Maybe one of these days. Don’t fear running out of yarn, just have similar weights in solid colors on hand and you can use them if you run out of yarn. Hold on to all those leftovers too. I have now used a different yarn to cast off a shawl about 5 times and you would never know it wasn’t the same yarn. A darker shade works best, kind of grounds the bottom edge.

  5. I love this pattern so much! Great shawl, absolutely beautiful.

  6. knittobetyed on said:

    I have just started this shawl. How would you have done the center stitch differently? Your shawl is beautiful.

  7. I don’t know if I know enough about knitting to say. The problem is that it’s asymmetrical so that there is a slight hole and a right-leaning stitch just off-center (the slip in “slip 1, k2tog, psso is always to the right). Potentially you could try alternating SK2P with whatever the opposite of that is (which I guess would be something like ssk, then transfer the worked stitch to the left kneedle, pass the second stitch on the left kneedle over the worked stitch and then move it back to the right kneedle). It might get complicated trying to remember where you are in the pattern though.
    A few people on Ravelry (here and here) did a centered double decrease, which it still doesn’t seem to me would be quite symmetric, but I’ve never tried it. It seems to make the stitches stick up off the work a bit though if that bothers you.
    It’s honestly not that big a deal once you pull it off the blocking boards. It’s only right after you’ve spent so much time on it and it’s all stretched out in front of you that you think “Why are all those holes just slightly off-center?”

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