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Stash Update

All right, well I haven’t done much knitting in a couple of months. Months! I made a small amount of progress on the ugly Skew socks and just last night I finally picked up my $5 in Paris sweater, pulled out the bottom and knit another inch onto it. I appreciate everyone’s comments, but it really was just too short. I never really understood those people who would write about finding an FO in the closet that had been there for months or more when all they had to do was cast off and weave in the ends. I still can’t say I understand it, but it turns out I am one of those people. I still have 16 ends to go and I figure it’s going to take me at least a few days to get through them. Weaving in also forces you to go back and look at all the spots where you might have made a mistake and there are little holes and stuff, which is unpleasant.

But, in spite of the fact that I haven’t been knitting, I did buy a few things. Not too much because, you know, space requirements, but two of my friends were scheduled to go to a yarn-tasting at The Purple Purl in March and one of them hurt her wrist, so I filled in. A yarn tasting, as it turns out, is where a few companies (five the night I was there) have donated yarn that they want knitters opinions on and a group of knitters shows up, knits and describe their experiences (and test their abilities to come up with single-word descriptive adjectives without a thesaurus). Then there are prize giveaways and then they open up the cash and sell some/all of the yarns in the store at a discount (I believe it was 15% off everything in the store the night I was there, but I don’t have my receipt to check). A deal like that is not to be passed up, so I got this Tanis Fiber Arts blue label fingering yarn

Tanis Cobalt

80% superwash merino, 20% nylon. Hand dyed. Colour: Cobalt. Already wound into a ball more successfully than my previous attempt to get something out of a skein.

And also this really soft Debbie Macomber Blossom Street:

Debbie Macomber Blossom Street

Petals Socks, 50% fine merino superwash, 20% angora, 30% nylon. Colour: Kiwi Flower

Neither of these were yarns we knit with that night, by the way. Those looked a little something like this:

Yarn tasting object

No, it’s not supposed to look like anything. We at least managed to go roughly from the lace to the super-bulky gradually. Not sure how people with more dramatic changes managed.

Some people who had been to a few yarn tastings before had just kept their previous workings on the needles and had a strip 20 or more stripes long. Anyway, it was great fun and you can sit around and chat with new knitters (and I’m not, in general, the best at being chatty, but conversation ranged from people’s children and grandchildren to who had been to see The Hunger Games movie, so don’t worry too much if you’re shy, although you may want to bring a buddy if that’s the case) and drink tea. What could be better than that? If you’re interested and in the area (and two of the women I knit with that night had come in I believe from Brampton, so area is apparently pretty wide), it looks like the info is posted here, although they don’t seem to have any coming up. They’re associated with Knitty, as you can see

(Aside: when I went to look up the yarn tasting info, I saw an announcement for a TTC (public transit) Knitalong, got interested and clicked through. Turns out it is already full and it’s not until mid-July! Too much knitting enthusiasm Toronto! I’m gonna need y’all to gear down for those of us who don’t keep on top of these things.)

Anyway, Mary Maxim, near me, also had a sidewalk sale and this Aloe Sock Yarn was $3 so it seemed silly not to buy it.

MM Aloe Sock Yarn

75% superwash wool, 25% nylon. Colour: sunset

So basically I have a lot of sock yarn. And most of the socks I had in my queue were multi-coloured, whereas all the yarn I have, even leftover dribs and drabs, is variegated and I’m not quite sure how to combine them together.

Sock Yarn Dregs

Except a small bit of dark gray, I have nothing solid, so I think I have to go buy MORE sock yarn.

So the end result of re-examining purchases and doing the stash update was that I decided I either needed to get some solid sock yarns or find some new projects or both. So I went on a huge queuing binge. Or huge for me anyway. I try to keep the queue down to projects I might finish in my lifetime, so I had a little over two pages when I started and now I’m well into a third page. But man there is a lot of great stuff out there. And I am always finding new ways to find stuff in Ravelry. You can browse the patterns, of course, and if you click the people tab it shows you a selection of FOs and people who’ve done/queued similar stuff to you, but actually I prefer to pick a project or something in my queue that I like, look at other people who have made it, search their projects and queues for things to queue, then pick some of those projects and pick a couple of other people have done them and search their projects and queues and so on until the word queue stops looking like a real word (which actually doesn’t take that long because it is a lot of vowels all shoved together).

And this time poking around I discovered that if you click on a project and then click the “queues” tab, you get a graph of how many people have queued it over time and a list of people who have queued it recently. I’m not sure how I will use this, but I am always always for more data and Ravelry rarely disappoints in making that available. When I saw people posting Venn diagrams of the overlap of the membership between different groups, I knew I was home. Anyway, if you’re not on Ravelry, these last few paragraphs have probably confused you to no end, but the point was, what to do with all my sock yarn.

Well I think the Blossom Street is going to become Spring Forward. And I haven’t specifically decided about the Aloe Sock Yarn, but probably I will get an appropriate contrasting solid colour and do something cutesy like Buccaneer’s Booth Socks or Crystal Socklet or, recently discovered, ROBOSOCKS! As for the Tanis Fiber Arts, I might just have enough to do Haruni, but actually I got really interested in a few multi-coloured shawl patterns: Color Affection (actually that was already in my queue), Pueblo Stole or Lillia Bella (or a number of things by Paulina Popiolek actually because they all look great). But obviously for any of these, I need another colour, so I will have to (have to) make a trip back to The Purple Purl and pick up at least one more colour. Good thing it’s biking weather (or will be whenever it decides to stop raining). And I haven’t even told you about Coastal Hoodie, which I have absolutely no yarn to knit and is probably too long for someone as bottom-heavy as me to really pull off but I don’t even care; I love it and I’m knitting it anyway. Just as soon as I get to the yarn store.

First I had more yarn than (appropriate) projects. Now I have more projects than yarn. Knitting problems. The cycle continues.


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2 thoughts on “Stash Update

  1. Interesting swatch. You have some wonderful yarns there!

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