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$5 in Paris: Bon. On Commence!

I cast on 176 stitches to account for my massive shoulders and, well, I had to stop for a picture because

long tail cast on


Have you ever seen such an ideal cast-on estimation of yarn for long-tail? Okay, I’m sure the more experienced knitters have, but for me this is astronomically unlikely. A 6-inch end of perfection.  (/refraining from dirty jokes.)

And then I realized halfway through the first round that I had forgotten to double-check the stitch count before I started, but I kept going and it turns out I had the right number. And I’m about six rows in and did not twist when joining in the round!

I can’t even…Things are going so well that I shudder to think of the disaster that must be looming in order to re-balance the universe. What is it? Did I start with the wrong colour? Is the ribbing supposed to k2p1 instead of k2p2? Am I going to manage to spill red wine (of which there is currently none in the apartment) all over everything?

Because a reckoning is coming. Knitting this straightforward and love-able does not come without a price. A day will come when the courage of men fails… an hour of woes and shattered shields. BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY!


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