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Good News and a Dilemma

I got some good news at work that I will be giving a talk at a conference in Melbourne. I’m pretty excited about the opportunity to share my work, but also of course about the opportunity to take some vacation time and explore Australia afterward.

I am planning to travel with some co-workers. It is cheaper and less stressful and, possibly most importantly, I only drive about twice a year, so it seems like a bad idea to try to navigate strange roads AND drive a rental car upside down or clockwise or however they do it there. (Discussion of the trip has so far been about 60% lamenting there is not enough time to do everything and 40% jokes about how such-and-such an activity is done backwards down there. Does not get old). Assistance and teamwork will be key.

So I went where I assume everyone goes for travel advice, to Ravelry. Actually this is where I find myself going more and more for opinions on things. In ten years, I will have very little idea what the general public thinks about anything; I will only know the consensus of knitters around the world.

Anyway, there is a Ravelry group called “travelry” (hee!) and I searched their board for Australia posts. Apparently Australia has a National Wool Museum! This is fantastic news.

But wait. No one I am planning to travel with is a knitter. So how do I convince these people we need to go there? That we have maybe two weeks to see as much as possible and this is a must do. Perhaps I am making unfair assumptions about non-knitters and they will be thrilled at the prospect of Axminster Carpet Looms, Komet Knitters and endless info about sheep. But just in case, I need a plan.

I am not above subterfuge or trickery (sometimes referred to by others with the overly-harsh term “lying”). “Hey, it’s almost lunch time. I hear they have food in Geelong. Let’s just stop there. Oh my stars, a wool museum!  How odd. Who could have known?! You guys go grab sandwiches; I’m just going to check and see if they’re open.” And then I could “accidentally” get pulled inside and lose track of time. Too implausible?


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