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Florida Trip: Inedible Things

So, other than eating, there were lots of enjoyable things on my recent trip to Florida (Southern bit, near the Everglades).

As I kind of alluded to, the flight was terrible. The people beside me were really restless and demanding and I felt sort of bad for the flight attendants. And when we landed, I picked up my jacket and personal item from where they were “safely stowed under the seat in front of me” to find the jacket soaked with juice, presumably dropped by the kid in front of me. At least I hope it was just juice (the two kids in front of me were otherwise really well-behaved during the flight). Fortunately it mostly hit my jacket, which I didn’t really have a lot of need for in Florida, and missed electronics, so not so bad. And, as Louis CK says, I got on a plane and flew through the air, incredibly, like a bird, partaking in the miracle of flight.

And when I landed it was tanning climate and I got a fresh salad and there was lots of lovely scenery. Read more…


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