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FO Friday: Coastal Hoodie

Coastal hoodie side view pockets

Two sweaters in one week. Now I probably won’t finish another one for years. Just the way the timing goes sometimes I guess. I really love it, although I do regret not waiting it out to knit it all in the same yarn, but it seems to be okay.

Pattern: Coastal hoodie by Tori Gurbisz

Yarn: Malabrigo Arroyo – 636 yards Prussia Blue, 319 yard Borraja (that gorgeous purple colour); Araucania Ranco Solid – 541 yard colourway 141 (blue), 114 yards colourway 146 (yellow green). I had a ton of yarn left over based on what I had calculated I would need.  I had about one skein left of both blues and the purple and there’s another entire skein of the lighter blue I didn’t even wind.

As I noted previously, I somehow bought the Araucania without realizing it was 75% non-superwash wool and 25% nylon so the sweater is not machine washable as I intended, which is a big part of why I wish I had waited to find all Malabrigo (=100% superwash) in colours and yardages I could use. The Araucania is a bit duller and fuzzier than the Malabrigo too. But overall they did knit up to the same gauge and you can’t tell from any reasonable distance, so mostly it’s the washing thing that annoys me.

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FO Friday: Aidez

This post is brought to you by the miracle of blocking and the letter A.

I know it’s not Friday, but I have paper corrections to work on and a couple of job interviews coming up and my apartment is a disaster, so I’m just going to write this up while I have a chance.

Aidez front view

You can see where I blocked a teensy bit hard on the front and it doesn’t quite fall straight down. Hoping it will even out over time.

I finished Aidez (or on Rav)! It knit up pretty fast. So fast that I actually ended up finishing it before Coastal Hoodie, which I started long before (I had to sew on buttons for that and lost my sewing needles, but I bought new ones and got them on and it just finished blocking, so once I have pics, that’ll be up too).  It was everything that was promised: fast, pretty, nice cabling but not overly complicated.

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FO Friday: Orion’s Belt Shawl

Orion's belt shawl

Maybe a shawl or maybe another scarf for winter. Anyway, I’m pleased with it.

shawl pre-blocking

So I finished the knitting…

shawl being blocked

…then tried to pin it out into a crescent shape as best I could, even though I didn’t have enough boards and tried to just keep part of it in place with reference books. And it was all sticking out where it was pinned and I thought “Don’t those blocking wires curve?”

shawl during blocking

Yes. Yes they do. So I unpinned it, inserted the blocking wires and repinned it all back out. Bit easier to get a crescent shape, although I still don’t think it’s quite even.

Pattern: Orion’s Belt by Paulina Popiolek

Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label Fingering in Cobalt and Shadow

Needles: 3.5 mm

Size: 11.5″ x 62″ (or maybe not that wide. I measured that stretched straight, but if you let it droop in a crescent it would be smaller) before blocking; 13″ x 59″ after. Probably didn’t really need to be blocked as it came out nice and even, near the right size. Also note that I skipped some stitches/rows (see Modifications below) so the full shawl would come out slightly larger for me on these needles.

I really liked this pattern. It’s reasonably quick in terms of number of rows (though the rows are long) and has some short rows, some slipping of stitches in the colourwork (I think I mentioned I found this surprising and a cool way to do this, but then I looked at the pattern description and it says right in there. Good memory, just short apparently). And since it’s a space-inspired pattern, I took some time to contemplate the big mysteries of the universe. Things like “Where the heck did I put those blocking pins?” The answer was, of course, “At the bottom of the bag with all the half-skeins and bits of yarn so that I would have to make a huge mess on the floor emptying it out to find them.” The answer would obviously never be “Right in the top of the craft bin with all the other pins and needles and small things you often need easy access to, where they would be easy to grab when you’ve got a damp shawl sitting in the middle of your living room.”

Modifications: As expected, I ran out of Cobalt yarn, so I stopped doing the edge increases on row 39 and on the last garter section, I only did eight rows (and even one of those I had to finish the last bit with a different blue yarn, though I don’t think you can really tell the difference). Then I switched to the Shadow and did those seven rows garter plus cast off.

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FO Friday: Skew Socks

Ugly Skew Socks

Completed Skew socks. Funky Christmas yarn was one thing, but apparently it’s possible to go too far.

Skew socks

For the person who found my blog by Googling “ugly socks Toronto,” I’m sorry you had to wait so long, but I hope these are satisfactory.

Pattern: Skew by Lana Holden

Yarn: Patons Kroy Socks Jacquards, Rouge

Size: 8 shoe size

I had to finish these and just get them off the needles so I could start a new sock pattern. I said when I started that I was addicted to this pattern, but I think I kind of cured myself of that. Or maybe I just got distracted by other projects (shawl is almost done). When I did sit down to knit them, I got huge chunks of them done. Somehow these ended up being knit on the subway, at an ultimate game and on the train to my parents. I am not a big knitter-in-public, so I’m not sure why this ended up being the project I subjected everyone to.

Modifications: The ankle size on past knits has come out a bit too big and this yarn is even thicker than usual, so I modified the gusset decrease to try to compensate. Round 1 is supposed to start with k1, k3tog and round 3 with k1, k2tog. And you repeat 4.25 more times. Instead I did k3tog on rounds 1 and 3, k2tog round 5, k3tog round 7 and 9, k2tog round 11, then went back to alternating k3tog and k2tog until I had the specified number of stitches (36), finishing with a k2tog row before starting the short rows. The ankles still feel a bit big, but I haven’t worn them around much since it’s sandal weather. With the right combination of yarn, the more frequent decreases would probably be a good fit for me.

For the ribbing, I don’t have a smaller size needles so I compensate by skipping every fourth LLinc or RLinc on the first set-up row, leaving me with 68 stitches, down to 66 after the second setup row. This seems to work pretty well.

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Enfin, Vendredi d’Achèvement: $5 in Paris

$5 in Paris

Completed $5 in Paris

$5 in Paris

A little closer, you can see that it’s a bit lumpy and weird, but in a way, aren’t we all a bit lumpy and weird? In a way.

Pattern: $5 in Paris by Anna Peck-Maliszewski

Yarn: Knitpicks Brava Worsted, 425 yards Tidepool and 316 yards Eggplant

Size: 40″ bust, 32″ waist, 24″ long, with longer sleeves than pattern (~16″ along outer edge from shoulder).

A few more pictures and then I will get into my way-too-long modifications section.

$5 in Paris from the side

From the side

$5 in Paris from the back

From the back

$5 in Paris off the shoulder

Wearing it off the shoulder

Modifications: I got way too fiddly with things just because I was worried about it not fitting and kept doubting myself. Also, I knit a big chunk of it on a plane and on vacation where it wasn’t really convenient to keep track of things in Ravelry, so my notes were scratched onto the back of an envelope (literally) and since I didn’t get around to weaving in the ends for a over a month, I’m not sure I quite remember what all of them are supposed to say, but here is my best deciphering of some of the things I claim to have done.

Cast on 176 stitches and did 8 increases for the shoulders (I have big shoulders), then knit one row even before setting the sleeve stitches aside just to finish the first non-ribbed green stripe before the colour change. Cast on 6 sts backward loop for the colour change.

Bust shaping: Three sets of short turn rows along the front: rows 10-11 of second purple stripe, rows 7-8 of second green stripe, rows 3-4 of third purple stripe. This was my first attempt with Japanese short rows and I liked them, but I was getting a hole on the one side, I think because I wasn’t sure what to do knitting in the round: at the second turn you actually have two extra rows vertically and I couldn’t find a way to get rid of the gap during knitting. I patched it up a bit when weaving in ends and after washing the thing, it looks okay now.

Waist shaping: Started the waist decreases (ssk when one stitch past the side marker, k2tog one stitch before marker) on row 6 of the third green stripe. I didn’t feel like the decreases in the pattern were fast enough and I calculated it out using my bust and waist measurements and decided I needed to decrease four stitches every three rounds. I thought I would need seven sets of decreases, but I stopped at six because it was getting a bit tight. I think maybe I started the decreases a few rows too early and also they were a bit fast. Would maybe go every four rows if I did it again.

Started the hip increases on row 5 of the fourth green stripe (Make 1 front one stitch after the marker and make 1 back before the marker). Other increases row 9 of the fouth green stripe and rows 4 and 8 of the fifth purple stripe.

I ran into a small problem because I’m taller than the original pattern was designed for, so I was going to have to do two extra stripes to finish with a purple before the green ribbing and I was worried that would be too long, so I only did 12 rows in the last two stripes to shorten things up a bit (could not stop nervously fiddling with the pattern. One row here, try it on, one row there, try it on) and then did 2.5 inches of ribbing on the bottom. I’m happy with that length.

Sleeves: I had 51 stitches on the holder + 11 picked up. I wanted longer arms so I knit three stripes, decreasing two stitches roughly every 6 rows:
second purple: rows 3 and 9
second green: rows 2 and 8
third purple: rows 1, 7 and 13
I went down to the smaller size needles for the ribbing, but I was still worried it wasn’t tight enough, so I actually decreased four stitches on row 16 of the ribbing, adjusting so the rib pattern stayed okay (hid the icky part on the inside of the sleeve). I would not recommend doing this, but, yeah, first sweater, nervous, fiddly, etc. Then knit 5 more rows and cast off.

So that’s it. I haven’t actually worn it around yet because I finished it just in time for 30 degree weather, but I like it except it’s maybe a bit tight in the bust and I’m worried the acrylic won’t breathe much and will make me really sweaty. But otherwise I like the yarn and it’s pretty soft after the first wash and dry. I have a bunch left, plus some in Fairy Tale, so I will probably end up ordering some more to do another sweater or something at some point when I have more money.

I’m off to my graduation. Check out today’s other FOs on Tami’s Amis.

FO Friday: Rock Island Shawl

Rock Island Shawl

Completed Rock Island shawl

Pattern: Rock Island shawl by Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood

Yarn: Indigo Moon, Finest Silk, 481 yards (a bit smaller than it was supposed to be)

Size: 22″ x 42″ before blocking; 28″ x 60″ after blocking

I took a zillion pictures because I’m pleased as punch with the way it came out:  Read more…

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