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It’s Here!

Wheeeeeeeeee! My Knit Picks order has arrived! Mostly.

The blocking wires were shipped separately, arriving in Canada the same day, but there is some sort of holdup with them. The main package, however, went from Mississauga to Scarborough before arriving in my hands in the middle of Toronto (which is about 15 km overshot and then 15 km backtracking, if you’re unfamiliar with the area). Although the fact that the postal service manages to ship something from a single building to another single building in a different country in anywhere less than two weeks for a few bucks is really pretty amazing when you think about it.

So, here is the haul:

blocking mats

Blocking mats. Also seem useful for step aerobics, but I will used them for their intended purpose before I go about wrecking them.

Brava Worsted

Yarn for $5 in Paris sweater. I'll only be using the green (Tidepool) and the purple on the left (Eggplant). I wasn't sure exactly what shade of purple, so I ordered two, but the Fairy Tale is too bright for this I think.

Interchangeable circular knitting needle

My first interchangeable circ. It's the zephyr acrylic, which I initially thought was a bit sticky, but I'm getting used to it. They're the pointiest needles I've ever owned, so expect an injury report soon.

T pins

T pins. More than I can ever imagine having the patience to use.

interchangeables cable

Extra cable, ends and tightener for interchangeable needles. I already had the needles nearly come apart failing to use the tightener, so hopefully I've learned that lesson early.

Yup, so I have everything I need to get started on $5 in Paris and it wasn’t even that much more than $5. It’s my first sweater project. Previous knitting of a form-fitting top did not go so well

Bernat matrix halter

Too short and too wide. Double the reasons for frogging.

But new year, new design (top down to try it on as I go). Hopefully I’m older, wiser, better at measuring. Look, I’ve already learned a valuable lesson:

Brava Tidepool swatch

Swatched! Put it through the washing machine and everything.

What could go wrong? Let me say that one more time in CapsLk so I can link back to it later and laugh at my naïveté:


ETA: “Injury report” was a suggested tag by WordPress. How commonly used is it?


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