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Rock Island shawl update: Still on the border

Rock Island Border

Slow Going

When I read the comments of people complaining about the 71 pattern repeats on the border for Rock Island, I sort of rolled my eyes and mumbled to myself about people not having enough patience these days. Sure, 71 repeats is a lot, but it’s only 8 rows long and ~12 stitches wide, so it should just fly by. I breezed through the first 25 repeats or so, feeling pretty smug. But now sitting around 40 I have to admit that I may have been a bit quick to judge.

I’ve also started to hit the paranoia stage. It looks like a huge amount of border and I’m only just over halfway done. I swatched (for once!), so I should be okay. That’s what I keep telling myself. The 41 repeats are 50 inches, which works out to 86.5 inches for all 71 repeats. Now, assuming my Pythagorean theorem is sound (always risky), I get 2x2=(86.5/2)2, where x is the height or half the wingspan and I’ve assumed each half of the shawl is an isosceles triangle (I have a physics background. You’re lucky I didn’t assume it was circular).

So our final solution for x is…30.6 inches. Or ~71 inch wingspan. That actually doesn’t seem so crazy all calculated out. But it is unblocked. All indications are that blocking will big this thing up like 150% at least. But looking at the border, it appears to mostly be scrunched height-wise. Pulling it out, I get can get as little as 42 inches long, or a 51 inch wingspan pre-blocking. Totally reasonable. Should I rip this out assuming I don’t know how to measure and possibly save myself some heartache later, or should I just have faith in the swatch?

Gaaaaaah. Okay. I am going to have a little faith. I basically knew this was the answer already. I’m not pulling out 40 repeats based on the fact it looks monstrous. I should have lots of yarn, so worst case scenario: I end up with a 9 foot wide shawl, right?


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