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FO Friday: Orion’s Belt Shawl

Orion's belt shawl

Maybe a shawl or maybe another scarf for winter. Anyway, I’m pleased with it.

shawl pre-blocking

So I finished the knitting…

shawl being blocked

…then tried to pin it out into a crescent shape as best I could, even though I didn’t have enough boards and tried to just keep part of it in place with reference books. And it was all sticking out where it was pinned and I thought “Don’t those blocking wires curve?”

shawl during blocking

Yes. Yes they do. So I unpinned it, inserted the blocking wires and repinned it all back out. Bit easier to get a crescent shape, although I still don’t think it’s quite even.

Pattern: Orion’s Belt by Paulina Popiolek

Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label Fingering in Cobalt and Shadow

Needles: 3.5 mm

Size: 11.5″ x 62″ (or maybe not that wide. I measured that stretched straight, but if you let it droop in a crescent it would be smaller) before blocking; 13″ x 59″ after. Probably didn’t really need to be blocked as it came out nice and even, near the right size. Also note that I skipped some stitches/rows (see Modifications below) so the full shawl would come out slightly larger for me on these needles.

I really liked this pattern. It’s reasonably quick in terms of number of rows (though the rows are long) and has some short rows, some slipping of stitches in the colourwork (I think I mentioned I found this surprising and a cool way to do this, but then I looked at the pattern description and it says right in there. Good memory, just short apparently). And since it’s a space-inspired pattern, I took some time to contemplate the big mysteries of the universe. Things like “Where the heck did I put those blocking pins?” The answer was, of course, “At the bottom of the bag with all the half-skeins and bits of yarn so that I would have to make a huge mess on the floor emptying it out to find them.” The answer would obviously never be “Right in the top of the craft bin with all the other pins and needles and small things you often need easy access to, where they would be easy to grab when you’ve got a damp shawl sitting in the middle of your living room.”

Modifications: As expected, I ran out of Cobalt yarn, so I stopped doing the edge increases on row 39 and on the last garter section, I only did eight rows (and even one of those I had to finish the last bit with a different blue yarn, though I don’t think you can really tell the difference). Then I switched to the Shadow and did those seven rows garter plus cast off.

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WIP Wednesday: Orion’s Belt Shawl

I started Paulina Popiolek’s Orion’s Belt Shawl and am really liking it so far. As with most things in life at the moment, it’s not quite what I originally planned, but Lilia Bella is only in Knitting Magazine. I’m really not good at paying attention to things like that when I queue stuff. In spite of having grown up before the internet really came of age, I still find myself surprised when things are not immediately available electronically. Why no instant gratification? 😦

Fortunately I love a large number of her designs (I wasn’t even aware of her before my last queuing binge. I’m not sure how that’s possible), so I just picked a different shawl and started out. I biked back down to The Purple Purl to pick up a ball of Tanis Fiber Arts in Shadow to go with the Cobalt I already had. I swatched, although more to check colours than size.


Checking colours. Going with the blue and grey.

I’m a bit short on the main colour yardage, so I’m doing it on 3.5 mm needles and may still have to adjust the final few centimetres with an extra contrasting colour stripe. Or add in some of the purple yarn. Or make another trip down to the yarn store for another hank of Cobalt. But I’ll burn that bridge if I come to it.

It’s going pretty well so far. The short rows kept the first bit interesting and I seem to have done the wraps okay for once so there were no big holes after the pickup. I’m just getting to the coloured pattern now, which I just assumed was going to be a stranded thing, but is actually slipped stitches and stuff, so that’s kind of cool. I never thought of doing a colour pattern like that. The rows are obviously long so I’m only doing them one or two at a time, but the whole pattern isn’t that many rows, so I’m already halfway through it.

Orion's belt shawl

I thought about going to buy a longer needle, but I think it will just barely fit on this one.

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