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$5 in Paris: La croisière s’amuse

The title is my subtle way of telling you that I’m going on vacation. Ages ago I read an article about Canadian politics that explained “La croisière s’amuse” basically means a group of folks try to amuse themselves with frivolous things.

(Weirdly I have always assumed the phrase had a bit of a negative connotation, but I found the article online-could not find my hard copy which I think I clipped from the paper back when I actually used to clip things from the paper, back when I got a paper made of paper-and it doesn’t really imply the expression is negative. Maybe just because of its context in the article? “La croisière s’amuse” was also the French title of the TV show “The Love Boat” and that’s not negative. Well, okay, I’ve never seen it, but the opening song is great. Incidentally, results for the TV show are basically 98% of what you get if you Google the phrase and I have no idea what keywords I ended up using to find the article since all I really remembered was I thought it was about a Canadian election.)

ANYWAY, yes, I’ll be doing frivolous (hopefully) things in Florida with my family for the week, but I hope to have posts queued up before I go (I should be in the air when this gets posted) and will have internet, but perhaps slightly less frequently than normal.

I am trying to take just a carry-on and have prepped what I have of my sweater to go with me.

sweater started

Hooray for top down-try it on as you go. Feel even stupider if it doesn't fit in the end.

I didn’t initially plan to knit so much of it since I have a whole week’s worth of time to fill, but after the lacework it was sort of nice to just knit round and round in worsted while reading. And by the time I was finished the first non-ribbed stripe, I figured I should finish the shoulder increases and get the sleeves onto scrap yarn to check the fit because it would probably be really awkward to do that on a plane.

sleeves not done yet

So many pointy needles passing my face to try this on, yet I am uninjured so far!

But when I got the sleeve stitches transferred, I just kept knitting. I wanted to do some short rows on the front, as suggested by someone on Rav, so there would be less bunching. It seemed like a good chance to practice Japanese short rows, which I’ve been wanting to try, since the results would basically be hidden in my armpit. I was reviewing this video before I started, but I continued to knit in the round as I watched and when the video said “Continue purling across” apparently my brain responded well to the not-so-subliminal messaging:

accidental purling

Purl across? Don't mind if I do.

So I tinked that back. Then did my short rows, but when I went to knit back across all the stitches, I realized neither this video nor the first related one did short rows in the round and so I was left wondering how to deal with the purl-side turns. I did it by trying to imagine what things would look like from the other side: knit to one before the gap, slip that stitch purlwise, lift the marked yarn onto the left needle, put the slipped stitch back and knit those two together. It turns out that if I had bothered to look up “Japanese short rows in the round”, I would find that someone else had already worked this out (except she slipped knitwise and then went through the back like you would with ssk, so mine probably leans the wrong way, but still GO ME for kinda figuring it out on my own).

I finally forced myself to put the sweater aside Saturday afternoon, picking up Skew to keep my hands from reaching toward its siren call again. I still cannot get over how ugly those socks are going to be. I’m excited yet horrified at the same time.


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