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FO Friday: Skew Socks

Ugly Skew Socks

Completed Skew socks. Funky Christmas yarn was one thing, but apparently it’s possible to go too far.

Skew socks

For the person who found my blog by Googling “ugly socks Toronto,” I’m sorry you had to wait so long, but I hope these are satisfactory.

Pattern: Skew by Lana Holden

Yarn: Patons Kroy Socks Jacquards, Rouge

Size: 8 shoe size

I had to finish these and just get them off the needles so I could start a new sock pattern. I said when I started that I was addicted to this pattern, but I think I kind of cured myself of that. Or maybe I just got distracted by other projects (shawl is almost done). When I did sit down to knit them, I got huge chunks of them done. Somehow these ended up being knit on the subway, at an ultimate game and on the train to my parents. I am not a big knitter-in-public, so I’m not sure why this ended up being the project I subjected everyone to.

Modifications: The ankle size on past knits has come out a bit too big and this yarn is even thicker than usual, so I modified the gusset decrease to try to compensate. Round 1 is supposed to start with k1, k3tog and round 3 with k1, k2tog. And you repeat 4.25 more times. Instead I did k3tog on rounds 1 and 3, k2tog round 5, k3tog round 7 and 9, k2tog round 11, then went back to alternating k3tog and k2tog until I had the specified number of stitches (36), finishing with a k2tog row before starting the short rows. The ankles still feel a bit big, but I haven’t worn them around much since it’s sandal weather. With the right combination of yarn, the more frequent decreases would probably be a good fit for me.

For the ribbing, I don’t have a smaller size needles so I compensate by skipping every fourth LLinc or RLinc on the first set-up row, leaving me with 68 stitches, down to 66 after the second setup row. This seems to work pretty well.

See more FOs at Tami’s.


Skew S’more

So the knitting is done on $5 in Paris (although I still think I may add to the ribbing on the bottom), but I really underestimated the time it would take me to weave in all the ends (two per stripe; sleeve and body), especially given that I am using some of them to fudge holes left by my short row fail. I had hoped to have it done by Wednesday because it was beautiful here so I could do outdoor pictures, but when that didn’t happen, I figured I would take my time finishing it, run it through the wash once, and show it next week.

In the meantime, I’m afraid I must subject you, once again, to Skew.

Skew sock progress

Motivation for learning to dye

I finished one sock. Since my successful plane flight, I have decided to tentatively dip my toe into knitting in public more. I took this sock on the subway (so really a subset of the public who have been self-selected to deal with other people’s weirdnesses and quirks; a perfect place to start KIP) and got about 4 rounds done when I went to meet some friends for dim sum. I should have gotten more done (dim sum is in the ‘burbs), but I messed up on the very first row and had to tink back almost a whole round.

Then last night my usual ride to ultimate Frisbee fell through, so I caught a ride with someone to an earlier game and brought my knitting to keep me busy. Got that bit of a toe done. I briefly contemplated casting on something new to take, just to avoid subjecting more people than necessary to this yarn, but socks travel best and I had a limited supply of sock yarn and limited time before leaving to memorize a new pattern. So Skew it was; if you’re going to get over your embarrassment of KIP, might as well jump in with both feet. Maybe since I was just doing the toe, they didn’t get the full effect of the pastels screaming at them. Or maybe, crazy idea of crazy ideas, they were too busy playing ultimate to notice. Let’s hope.

Skew socks: What was I thinking?

I’ve gone astray askew. I’m so weak. I started a new pair of socks even though I’m not even done the Rock Island shawl border.

I started them because I needed something to photoshop into the apocalypse picture. I couldn’t use the things I already had on the needles because they weren’t bright enough. I wanted a smoking crater with bright pink yarn being knit in front of it. I had bright pink yarn lying around. So I cast on. But I didn’t want to look like I had just cast on so I could take the picture (even though that is totally what I was doing). So I decided to start a pair of socks and I have a little bit of an obsession with this Skew pattern.

I’ve knit it before and it’s addictive. You think you’ll just cast on and then you figure that the first part of the toe is not very long, so you’ll just finish that section. And you finish that and decide that the mid-toe’s not very long either so you’ll just finish that section and once you get to the foot, well, that’s pretty straightforward repeats and before you know it, you’re halfway up the foot. More than that because it’s knit on the diagonal, so the far part of the foot is nearly to the start of the heel gusset. You only have to knit a couple of inches straight. And that was how I ended up with half a sock knitted that looked like this.  Are you ready?  No, you can’t possibly be.




Skew socks

There is no ready.

What was I thinking?

  1. Firstly, let’s just say it: I should really be focussing on the shawl. Yes, I need something simpler to knit when I’m on the phone or don’t have the attention for the pattern, but I already have a felted bag project I’m working on. I am still working on the shawl, but I can feel the socks calling.
  2. This colour. I can’t…I think it’s even slightly muted in this photo. I bought this yarn because I wanted something bright. I am normally a pretty straightforward blue and grey kinda girl, but I sometimes like to have a little fun with the socks because, well, who’s going to know? So I bought this yarn thinking it would lead to some madcap fun (assuming a knitter’s definition of “fun” here). I started a pair of cuff down socks with it previously, but they weren’t working. I thought that maybe it was just the combination of the pattern, which was ripply, with the Jacquard, which was bright and patterned, but it’s pretty clearly the yarn itself. It’s just too much even in simple diagonal stripes.
  3. I’m actually getting slightly larger gauge than normal and I think they might be a bit big.

Is any of this stopping me? No it is not. I am just keepin’ on keepin’ on. Rationalizations:

  1. I’m still working on the shawl.  Really, I am.  Just slower. I knew I was going to knit Skew again at some point and why not now?
  2. The colour of the yarn isn’t going to change. Given that, socks are clearly the way to go with it. I suppose I could try to knit some colourwork in combination with a plainer yarn to dilute it down or something, but I’m not sure that would help. Worst case scenario, they will make a glorious pair of springtime/Easter socks, all yellow and pink and periwinkle.
  3. They’ll fit. I can totally make them fit. I’ll make the foot a little short to compensate for the extra width and then do extra decreases on the gusset to make the leg tighter. It’ll be fine; have I ever been wrong before (hint: yes)?

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